Original spare parts only!

Accept no compromise when it comes to maintaining, servicing and caring for your tail lift

  • Reliability is built on the principles of quality so choose only the original parts that keep your tail lift always at its best
  • Invest in genuine parts and receive the very best in performance
  • Genuine quality spare parts offer long-term safety and security. Only the use of genuine parts provide a certified warranty. Warranty services and certification standards are based on the exclusive use of genuine parts. The use of non genuine parts invalidates the CE certification and the warranty claim becomes void (in the event of damage claims which can be attributed to the use of non-genuine spare parts)
  • Only tail lifts producers have a part identification linked to original lift build so, customers can have complete confidence in the specification, tolerance and longevity of each part in every application; while total cost of ownership and uptime performance are optimised by matching application requirements with spare part quality and durability characteristics.


Tail lift service

Please find check list for Lift Periodic Maintenance in Downloads.