Tail lift use

Legal Bases
Tail lifts in general are machines in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. The requirements to prevent accidents listed there are substantiated by the series of norms EN 1756 Tail lifts – Platform lifts for mounting on wheeled vehicles – Safety requirements – consisting of Part 1 – Tail lifts for goods and Part 2 – Tail lifts for passengers. For further information please refer also to the chapter Legal Demands on this website.

All tail lift manufacturers represented in the ETMA take the abovementioned regulations into consideration during the development and manufacturing of their products and confirm the compliance with those by using an appropriate CE-marking (declaration of conformity).

Under certain circumstances further national or local regulations have to be considered additionally.

Operating Instructions
Tail lifts can endanger both the operator and third parties significantly when used improperly. The following operating instructions serve as an addition to the guidelines of intended use listed in the respective Operator Manuals of the tail lift manufacturers.

To ensure safe operation when using tail lifts the guidelines in the Operator Manuals of the ETMA members must be obeyed under all circumstances!

Tail lifts must only be operated by adult persons who have besides the knowledge of the Operators Manual for the appropriate tail lift also received a comprehensive instruction on usage. It is in the responsibility of the corresponding vehicle owner / vehicle operator to instruct the tail lift operator accordingly.

Further safety instructions – specifically for the positioning and loading of the tail lift – could be found on the following ETMA-label.

If required this label (DIN A5 format – 210x148mm) can be obtained from every ETMA tail lift manufacturer.